Leung LauCo-Founder, CEO

Leung Lau
Areas of expertise
  • Government financial frameworks and regulations.
  • Regulatory and corporate governance.
  • Enterprise level software development.
  • Blockchain based systems and smart contract development.
  • Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia
  • Graduate Certificate of Account, Deakin University – Australia
  • Bachelor of Information Systems, University of Melbourne – Australia
  • Bachelor of Commerce (double major Finance and Management), University of Melbourne – Australia
Employment History
  • Department of Social Services (Australia) – multiple positions as Director of Costings, Director of Assurance, Director of Financial Reporting
  • Australian Institute of Family Studies – Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • IBM Australia – system architecture, front-end design, .Net and Java programming.

With over 10 years experience in private and public sector management positions spanning areas across software engineering, corporate finance and budgeting, business planning, and financial analysis, Leung has the ability to identify gaps in the market and needs of investors and customers to achieve successful innovative solutions.

Cloverdex competitor advantage is providing products/services that caters to all users regardless of their technical know-how.

By focusing on user needs and wants, we will provide a superior platform compared to competitors.

Leung has worked at IBM specialising in enterprise-level system architecture, frontend design, Java and .Net programming. Having a passion to serve the public and better understand corporate finance and governance, Leung then sought experience within the Australian Commonwealth Government and have held management positions in a number of departments and agencies. These include the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) as Deputy Chief Financial Officer, and a number of managerial positions at the Department of Social Services including Director for Financial Reporting, Assurance, and Costings.

Besides being a passionate blockchain enthusiast and crypto investor, Leung enjoys spending time with his family and staying fit. He strongly believes a healthy body results in a healthy mind.

Contact details

(+61) 2 6176 0787
Canberra, Australia

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